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One on one coaching with Megan

I always heard people talk about hiring a coach but never fully understood the impact they could have or what they could teach that I couldn’t find online. I hired a good friend as my coach because he said something that talked to my soul. He said “How long have you been trying to make this happen? At that point I was over a year of trying to “do it on my own.” Then he said “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” I wanted change so I knew that had to start with my thinking first. After hiring a coach I realized I would never be without one again. 7-months into a year long coaching investment I walked away from my 13-year career and began my full-time entrepreneurial journey. It’s the best investment I ever made because I invested in me, my future, my happiness, and my family.

The road to success can be challenging…especially when traveling on your own. One-on-one coaching is sustained support to help grow your ideas into a profitable business. My no-fluff approach will not only help you accomplish BIG things in this world, but also deal with the dips and setbacks that come along the way.

I take the time to understand your vision, the state of business currently and together we create a game plan that I hold you accountable to execute.  Once I’m in your corner, I won’t allow you to give up on your dreams. You are capable of more than you realize, it’s time for you to step into the woman you are meant to be!  Let’s partner and do it together! 

We will be an awesome fit to work together if:

• You are ready for big change in your life
• You feel stuck in your current business 
• You don’t fear working hard
• You have a deep desire to grow, push yourself and help others grow too. 
• You are ready to know your true potential
• You don’t take yourself too serious, are able to laugh and have fun

We are NOT a good fit if:

• You are looking for a yes person
• You want all the work done for you and unwilling to put in the time it takes to be successful
• You are expecting immediate results 
• You are not willing to step outside of your comfort zone
• You are closed off to new ideas and directions

Working with Megan has been incredible. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her guidance. I used to struggle with clarity and direction with my new business which made it hard to stay focused on the day to day tasks. By working through each module of Megan’s course, she has helped me fully embrace each phase of my journey and I now have a clear vision of where I’m going which helps me stay motivated and focused to grow my dream business. Thanks Megan for putting together such a powerful course. Jessica Brennan

Founder, Clean Product Junkie

To know if we are a right fit, I invite you to a free 30-minute phone or virtual connection of intentional conversation so we can discover the correct path for you.