Corporate Refugee

If you are reading this it means you feel something missing in your life. You may not be heading in the right direction, feel stuck, want more, are unfulfilled and under appreciated. I welcome you to your safe space. My name is Megan Weisheipl, founder of The Corporate Refugee.

It’s scary as hell to think of leaving a job, the security and benefits. However, how secure do you really feel? Most of us grew up in a society where we were taught to go to school, get a good job, work hard at a company for 30 years and retire on a small pension. We were sold on the idea this is security. Well my friends, times have changed. Security in any form is not guaranteed. The only security you have is to invest in yourself, believe in yourself, and work everyday to make YOUR dreams come true.

“The days are long, but the years are short so if you are going to work hard, why not work hard building your dreams”

Who is a Corporate Refugee (CR)?

Let’s dive in to learn more about this fearless woman. She is a woman who left her corporate career voluntarily or involuntary. She worked her tail off by coming in early, staying late, going above and beyond to climb the corporate ladder and probably didn’t use all of her vacation days. The corporate relationship had it’s ups and down but she feels proud of what she has accomplished when looking at her tenure. However, deep down there is a burning question “Is this it, is this the next 20+ years of my life?” She gave time and energy to this question and began a journey of figuring out “If not this, then what?” Maybe she already knew her purpose and began to put action steps in place, or maybe she had no idea but went on a journey to discover it. Either way, she embraces two distinct qualities; courage and action.

  • Courage to make the hard decisions.
  • Courage to follow her heart, and not the crowd.
  • Courage to say “thanks, but no thanks.”
  • Courage to put herself in charge of her financial well-being.

Action is the second piece of the puzzle.

Courage without action is like a car with no gas in the tank. It can be a luxury car with all the bells and whistles, however if there is not fuel it’s not getting out of the garage.

She knows she can be more, do more, have more and overall knows she deserves more. A CR is a woman who wants to live on purpose, and tap into her true potential. If you are still reading, there is a reason…you want to be the next Corporate Refugee!

Are you to ready for a life that is full of meaning?
Do you want to be more present physically and mentally for your children?
Are you ready to work hard towards something you call your own?

Imagine your kids, and future generations who look back and say “because of her courage and action, we have an amazing life.”

I am ready to become a Corporate Refugee – Teach me How!


Hey girl…I wanted to THANK YOU and let you know that because of all of your inspiring live videos. I have found the courage to pursue my dream and that is to apply to nursing school and take the ATI TEAS test to get in. I applied a few months ago and took the test this morning and passed!!! I had mentioned before about you helping me take that giant step and I did. Thanks to you I am on my way! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart Kelly