Hey! I’m Megan

A Mom, Wife, Speaker, Accountability Coach. 

My life revolves around princess movies, baseball season, high heels, positive vibes, and impromptu kitchen dance parties.  As the mother of two spunky and beautiful little girls and wife to my husband Nick; my life is abundant with love, laughter, and a sprinkle of chaos.  Professionally, I am the product of 15 years of successful sales, management, and leadership positions.  In 2015 after the birth of my second daughter I began to question “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” I always knew I was meant for something big and knew it revolved around helping women but felt lost in knowing my direction.  I went on a personal journey of self-discovery that took me through my past and led me to my future. It wasn’t easy and thank goodness for waterproof mascara on those days. Over time with consistent effort, my life began to transform and take on a different meaning. I can remember so clearly, standing in the kitchen as this electricity came over my body I looked at my husband and said “I got it, I know my purpose…..my purpose is to guide other women to find theirs so they can live the life they desire.” I felt it to my core. This was the first time I was consciously walking in alignment.

I’m a person of action so I instantly put things in motion and within a few months made the monumental decision to leave my 13 year corporate career and became the Corporate Refugee. Once I discovered the clarity I was seeking life began to unfold in magical ways. I began my mission to impact women who want out of their unfulfilling day jobs and create a thriving business from their laptop. 

 I love coaching women on finding their purpose for this season of their life and then teach them how to create a laptop lifestyle business that provides them time, financial, and personal freedom. 









Let’s talk about you.








Do you dread Sunday night, cringe when the boss calls, carry the guilt of telling your child you can’t be at their event because you have to work? A fulfilling life shouldn’t only exist on the weekends and three weeks of vacation a year.  You weren’t created to build someone else’s dream, you were created to build your own. My passion is sharing my knowledge, insight, vulnerability, and lessons learned to guide you to creating a business that proves you the lifestyle you deserve. 

I am here to serve through my free content, paid courses, group coaching, private coaching, and live events.  My goal is to make a difference in your life. I understand the desire to want to be a professional success and also a parent who is present for your children. You can have it all, but it takes courage and action. Whether you want to build your own business, figure out your life’s purpose or tap into your highest potential, I am here as your mentor, friend, and tribe sister!

“Find your tribe, love them hard”

The question I always get is “How did you do it…How did you leave the security, benefits, and all the time and energy you put into building your career?”

The answer is simple for me. I knew I was meant for more. My soul told me. It was an absolute risk to leave a consistent paycheck when you have one child in private school and one in daycare and a lifestyle built on two incomes. I have a lot of responsibilities but the biggest one I have is to myself and living a life I deserve. I was sick of the mom guilt – when I was with my kids I felt bad I wasn’t working, and when I was working I felt bad I wasn’t with my kids. It was a losing battle and I felt nothing I did was right. I could no longer live with the mixed emotions of mom guilt, knowing I was meant for more and the desire to lead a movement of working moms leaving corporate to build businesses. 

November 16th, 2017 was my jump date and I haven’t looked back. How would you feel if you could set your exit date? You can and it’s time.

Are you ready to go on the epic journey of discovering your life’s purpose and help others? Do you yearn for the freedom to be who we really are, without holding back, hiding or needing to change to fit in or be accepted? It’s time to tap into your true potential and begin your journey.