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Megan Weisheipl is a Speaker and Accountability Coach teaching women how to step into their greatness.   

Many years ago she found her voice helping women raising awareness on gender equality, breaking the glass ceiling, women’s rights, and now teaches women to find the courage and confidence to take action in their own lives. Today more women are stepping forward to let their voices be heard, taking a stand for what they believe and walking away from their jobs to build their dream business. It starts with discovering your purpose, intentionally hustling to build it and sharing your genius with the world to serve others. 

Join Megan and the movement of women who rediscover themselves and successfully transition from Employee to Entrepreneur. Together, we can change the world, one passionate and driven woman at a time!

Who Megan helps…

  • The unsatisfied employee ready to break-free from the 9-5, discover her life’s calling, and build a highly profitable business. 
  • Ambitious, high-performer who wants to live an extraordinary lives aligned with their soul’s calling. 
  • Passionate network marketer’s whose business revenue is not big enough to leave their day job but is so ready to make the leap.
  • A high functioning women rockin’ her corporate job but secretly dreaming and planning to build her own business.

Ways I can help you. 

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What people have to say. 

I am so beyond grateful that I have been connected to Megan! have gained so much knowlege and power to believe in myself through our connection! EVERYONE needs a mentor to connect with, in order to grow. I used to believe it was possible to buckle down and do it on my own. Whatever it was. NOPE – not true!
For me “Journey to You” was not about leaving my corporate job. Which was one of the main reasons I signed up in the first place. But it was quite simply about the journey to ME! This is not just for those looking to leave a job or a corporate job. It is also not just for those looking to start a business. It’s quite simply for women looking to dive deep into who they are NOW and who they are becoming. I truly believe this is something every woman must do! Erin Brittain

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

Megan, thank you so much for the support and guidance you have given me over the last few months. Not once have you judged my thoughts, my actions or my past. You helped me dig and discover and because of this–you helped me break a barrier that has been holding me back for 29 years! I am on the path to figuring out my purpose and I am grateful to walk it with you. You are an incredible human, thank you for showing up!

Vicky Schenck

I believe that God set up our meeting at the Polka Dot Powerhouse.  You came into my life at a moment of need and guided me in an incredible journey to myself. I learned a great deal from our meetings and look forward to the many exciting things in store as I continue my journey. Kim Jarvis

I’m not one for vulnerability or opening up. As a recovering perfectionist, I’ve long sense struggled with my sense of self and figuring out what was right for me. Something I have worked at improving over the last several years. Thought the Journey to You course Megan delivered incredible tools in an easy to digest format that have served me more in a few weeks than these past years of self-guided personal development. I can’t thank her enough for the encouragement, support, and permission to “go there” she exudes as she guide you past the deafening chatter of your mind and the part of your soul you should be listening to the most. All that in the realest real-world-down-to-earth manner that is Megan Weisheipl. I’ll be following her, and her content for as long as she is offering herself to the world; which I sincerely hope is a very long time. Abby Marzi